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SCGDB Special Business Meeting Feb 9, 2023

Summary of the constitution and bylaws changes made by the Executive Committee:




  • The AAA-SCGDB affiliation agreement approved in 2019 states that the SCGDB will amend its Constitution and Bylaws to establish a Board of Directors, 50% of which will appointed by the AAA Board of Directors. 

  • AAA representation is critical in the SCGDB leadership, because it 1) allows the Executive Committee members, who volunteer their time to support the society, to be covered by AAA’s Directors Insurance and 2) helps support the overlapping programmatic interests of the SCGDG and AAA in the areas of career development, teaching, and research.



  • These amendments will create a SCGDB Board of Directors comprised of four people that serve 2-year terms. Two Board of Directors members will be appointed by the SCGDB and two will be appointed by AAA. The two SCGDB members will be the immediate past officers of SCGDB, ensuring continuity of growth and planning.

  • The Board of Directors will meet 2-3 times a year and serve to ensure communication between SCGDB and AAA, thus connecting the overall goals of both groups.



We have also clarified who can attend Executive Committee meetings and how dues are paid to take into account the fact that AAA now collects dues for SCGDB.


Any changes to the Constitution and Bylaws must be voted on by the membership. Please see the attached document for the full proposed Constitution and Bylaws changes.







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